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Because you are looking for something more, something new, something different, something you haven't seen before... something "Plus".


We are Norbert & Adrián Krizsai, brothers and owners of the advertising and film production company Plus Film. With 9 years of experience behind us, we make films. We are grateful to fate as we complement each other perfectly not only as brothers but also as colleagues.

Our career has always been guided by dedication. We lived our childhood simply, but we grew up with all the more love. Our mothers told us so many tails, which helped us to create a more imaginative world, a place where the good always get their just rewards. We were both fascinated by making things, whether it was building legos or using watercolour.


Guided by our philosophy, we salute and prostrate to the fact that we can have work that we can do with passion and maximum dedication. However, our aim is to leave a lasting memory that will be looked back on with pleasure decades later.





Life is full of moments worth celebrating. They are unique and unrepeatable moments. We believe that making a beautiful film is a tribute to life.

Our passion for filmmaking drives us to discover new things.


It's a form of expression that allows us to express ourselves and convey emotions and details that capture the eye and speak to the heart.  Our brand was founded in 2015 with the aim of reimagining traditional wedding filmmaking, adding the most advanced professional knowledge to offer a unique and exclusive service for couples looking for something special.


And in 2022, we are proud to be the best wedding filmmakers in Hungary. 


Yes, we are committed to the arts. We value aesthetic imaging, tasteful visuals, all with a unique vision from beyond the camera. We approach our work with the highest level of expertise and precision, made with the utmost dedication and infused with love.


Each of our films is unique and personalised, as no two are the same, so we make it a point to give you the most unique piece possible.  

In recent years we have had the privilege of meeting adventurous and exceptional couples as they celebrate their marriage and take their enduring love to a deeper level. Working together as brothers, we are with you to tell your stories and convey the emotions that words cannot express. 


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   Dear  Couple!

First of all, thank you for your enquiry! We've created four different film packages to make sure you find the one that's closest to your heart. All packages include the same premium service, with a difference in the services.





• 1 minutes wedding trailer / reel video

• 5-6 minutes highlights film

• 60 minutes love story film

• Two cameramen

• Full day coverage

• Drone footages

• Raw materials
• 4K resolution

Our exclusive Quintessence package includes all basic and extra services. We will capture the dreamlike, fabulous and adventurous story of your love down to the smallest detail.  With enchanting footage, heartfelt speeches and stunning cinematic music, your story is guaranteed to warm the hearts of future generations. Quintessence is our most premium package and will make those butterflies flutter.

7.000 Є



• 4-5 minutes highlights film

• 45 minutes love story film

• Two cameramen

• Full day coverage

• Drone footages

Our Luxury premium package is our most popular offer. In addition to a 4-5 minute highlights film, you'll also receive a magical wedding feature film of at least 45 minutes, capturing the main events of your big day in full, including the ceremonies, tear-jerking speeches and the bride's dance. With 2 cinematographers and all-day availability, we guarantee that every important moment will be captured on film. From the most beautiful moments of preparation, through the ceremonies, to the rocking night party, we will capture the best of your wedding in our Luxury Film Package. If you want to slip into your wedding shoes again and put on the wedding dress, this is your choice!

6.000 Є

"You were one of the best decisions we made for our wedding!  Your films are not only about the couple, but also about your pure hearts. The creative film about our love exceeded all our expectations! We get goosebumps every time we watch it, not only for ourselves but for you guys as well. Every moment of it is fabulous and dramatic, and nothing is more proof of that than the fact that there were few eyes left dry at our wedding when the film was shown. " -Anna + Tom


• 4-5 minutes highlights film

• Two cameramen

• 10 hours coverage

• Drone footages

Our Deluxe package includes 2 cinematographers and 10 hours of on-call time. During this time, we'll capture enough footage to make a film about the story of your love without sacrificing beautiful shots. Plus, you can watch it all back from multiple angles. Share it with your friends and relive countless eternal moments!

5.000 Є


"They are all hearty people and it was a great feeling that they put their hearts and souls into making our every wish come true. I know everyone probably had one of the best days of their lives at their wedding, but they made ours even more special. Every time I look at the video they made of us, I relive the big day and there's that good tingling in my heart."   - Dóri & Milos                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      


4.000 Є

The Basic package captures the memories of your Big Day in a 4-5 minute film, so you can relive every unforgettable moment. We provide 1 cinematographer and 8 hours availability, enough time for everything from the getting ready lights, a short creative filming and ceremonies, to the toasting speeches and the start of the dinner.
If it's more important for you to get some footage of the evening party, that's fine, we're flexible with availability.

• 4-5 minutes highlights film

• One cameraman   

• 8 hours coverage



Want to add other extras to your packages?

No problem!  Add some extras to your film to make the experience even better.

Express delivery

300 Є

With this optional service we guarantee that you will receive your wedding highlight film within 30 days.

Same Day edit film

500 Є

On the day of your wedding, make a 1-2 minute highlight film of the day's events to impress the wedding party and heighten the excitement.


Trailer / Instagram reel


300 Є

A 1-minute cinematic trailer that's sure to blow up your social media channels. The film will be ready within 48 hours of the wedding.


Extra hours/extra day shooting

150 Є/hour

Do you want to get there super early to capture the guys playing golf or drinking champagne, or even to capture the crazy afterparty or a day before? By adding extra hours we can make that happen too.



400 Є

You dream it and we bring it to life, so that everyone can see and experience the wonderful and defining moments that really matter. We bring it all together in a unique-looking video book, so that your loved ones, even grandparents, can relive your wedding anytime, anywhere.


4K Quality

300 Є

Enjoy the most beautiful moments in 4K..

Raw Footages

400 Є

Want to see every moment in return? We'll be happy to give you all the footage on a 500 GB external HDD.

Couple shoot


From 500 Є

Filming of a creative short film, engagement photoshoot before/after your "Big Day". If you would like a separate film of the shots taken, we can tailor the price to suit you. The basic price includes 3 hours of filming.


VR wedding film


2000 Є

With this brand new service, you can not only look back on your wedding, but relive the most special moments of your wedding. With VR technology, you and future generations will be able to relive the moment when grandparents shed tears of joy as you turn around and say "I do". Live this 360º experience with a pair of Ocolus Go VR glasses as a gift!

Extra cameraman

800 Є

Want to be sure? Or do you want more camera angles? We'll get the backup!




1.500 Є

Take your wedding parties to the next level with CineBox, a service similar to photobox, but now instead of photos, we capture 360 slowmotion videos in stunning quality. Entertain or surprise your guests with a funny ultra-slow motion shot, all with CineBox. It's also perfect as a thank-you gift, as every guest gets a recording of the event. The basic price includes 4 hours of availability.

  • If you like any of our films, please tell us which one you like and we'll be happy to make a film about your love story.

  • After a long day of filming, it's nice to be able to rest our heads in safety, so we're grateful if you can help us with accommodation.

  • You can secure your booking for 20% of the price of the package you choose, which will be settled upon signing the contract. 

  • Prices include travel expenses. 




Unique films with total dedication.

Let's create something wonderful together.



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